While the Supreme Court is celebrating its anniversary, Allan Castillo, a personnel of the Security Division was complained by Emelinda Taotao, a tindera, selling food near the Supreme Court building. Taotao alleged that Mr. Castillo slapped her nephew, a minor.

Mr. Castillo was ordered to explain. In his letter, he stated that he was looking at items at the stalls in the area when he noticed two (2) women laughing at him. Moments later, the victim, who drew close to him and placed his face next to his while simultaneously bursting into laughter. The latter then called the attention of another boy and shouted “Huy, kamukha mo oh!” while continuing to laugh. He said that while he was insulted by these antics, he did not strike the minor.
Fortunately, the incident was recorded by a Supreme Court CCTV camera monitoring the area at the time. The CCTV shows that it was Mr. Castillo who was the aggressor, contrary to his explanation letter.

It can be clearly seen on the CCTV recording that Mr. Castillo confronted a youth in a red shirt. He then argued with one of the women manning the store and suddenly threw a right hook punch at the youth, who flinched and gripped the frame of the tent stall.

The Court, in its Decision said:

“[Mr. Castillo] had shown lack of decorum, propriety, and respect in his dealings with other people. His actuations also debased the public's regard for the very institution for which he works, warranting administrative sanction. Any conduct that would be a bane to the public trust and confidence reposed in the Judiciary cannot be countenanced.”

Mr. Castillo was found guilty of Conduct Unbecoming of a Court Employee amounting to Simple Misconduct. He was suspended from the service without pay for a period of one (1) month and (1) day.

Source: http://elibrary.judiciary.gov.ph/thebookshelf/showdocs/1/65801