The Office of the Court Administrator has asked Cabanatuan Judge Nelson Lago to comment on reports that he summoned Baguio City enforcers for handing him a ticket for illegal parking, Supreme Court spokesperson Brian Hosaka said.

Baguio traffic enforcers reportedly confiscated the plate number of Judge Lago’s vehicle that was illegally parked near a jeepney terminal. Days after, Judge Lago issued a subpoena directing Bernard Batnag, chief of traffic enforcement assigned to Baguio City Public Market, directing him appear in his sala to explain why he should not be cited in contempt.

In his subpoena order, the judge said settling the fine and recovering his licensed plate resulted in the delay in the scheduled hearings and administration of justice.

Just in: Sources say that the Judge, aside from parking his car in a “no parking” area, also violated the number coding scheme of the City.

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Photo credit: Top Gear Philippines