Judge Nelson Largo of MTC Branch 3, Cabanatuan City ordered two Baguio City police officers to appear before his sala to explain why they should not be cited for contempt for handing him an illegal parking ticket.

The judge, in his order said that settling the fine and recovering his license plate “caused delay in the scheduled hearings” and “the administration of justice.”

No one is above the law.

Baguio City Police Office chief Colonel Allen Rae Co said “We have no way of knowing he is a judge and even if he is, no one is above the law” and “Even our own judges have learned to follow the rules.”

Co said that the traffic enforcers issued him a receipt for Largo’s license plate, which was removed because he reportedly parked his sports utility vehicle near a jeepney terminal at Kayang Street last Friday, October 25.

He was denied due process.

“Due process is a basic right and enshrined and protected in our Constitution and it applies even in the cases of confiscations of license plates,” Largo’s subpoena said.

“We did not have any intention to delay him. We could have easily given him his license if he was in his car,” Co said. “We follow strict and equal implementation of our traffic rules. Now our traffic has eased a bit because of this.”

Mayor defends enforcers.

“Maayos naman ang pagkakasita sa kanya… Nagpapatupad lang tayo ng ordinansa rito,” said Baguio City Mayor Benjie Magalong.

“Bakit naman gagamitin mo iyong position para lang mag-exert ng influence e alam mo namang mali kayo?”

The police official-turned-mayor added that those in authority should obey the law.

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