It will now be illegal to practice occupational therapy without passing the board exam and without valid registration and professional license.

Duterte signed Republic Act No. 11241 or the Philippine Occupational Therapy Law of 2018 on March 11 regulating the practice of Occupational Therapy.

The new law defined  “Occupational therapy”  as a client-centered health profession concerned with promoting health and well-being through occupation.

Creation of the Professional Regulatory Board of Occupational Therapy

To supervise and regulate the registration, licensure and practice of occupational therapy the new measure creates the Professional Regulatory Board of Occupational Therapy.

The President will appoint the board chairman and two members.

Licensure Examination

To practice occupational therapy in the Philippines, one must take an examination to be administered by the Board of Occupational Therapy.

To be eligible for the exam, one must be:

a)  a Filipino citizen or a foreigner whose country allows Filipinos to practice occupational therapy in their country.;

b) must not have been convicted for any offense involving moral turpitude; and

c) must be a graduate of a degree in Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy or its equivalent.

To pass the exam, the examinee must have a grade of at least 75% and no grade lower than 60% on any subject.

Those who pass the exams will be given a certificate of registration, professional license, and professional identification card by the Professional Regulations Commissions.

~ Stare Decisis

Photo credit: MIMS General News