This story is about two American students who came to the Philippines to spend their semestral break and experience Filipino hospitality. When in the Philippines, they met these two Pinoy Taguros in a fast food chain while they are waiting for a bus that will take them to their next destination. After a short conversation, these two Pinoy Taguros offered these ladies a ride to Baguio City which they eventually accepted.

What happened in Baguio City? Let us hear it from them….


Gina Marie Mobley and Helen Kathleen Tennican, both American nationals and are college students at the Pacific Lutheran University at Tacoma, Washington. They were sent to China as exchange students at the Chengdu University of Science and Technology. Gina and Helen were taking up Biology but the latter also took Chinese Studies as an additional course.

Having heard of the renowned Filipino hospitality from their Filipino-American friends, Gina and Helen decided to spend their semestral break in the Philippines. They arrived in the country on January 10, 1994. They stayed overnight in Manila then went to Angeles City, Pampanga, the next day. In Angeles City, they visited a bar and had cocktails, played billiards and went disco dancing.

The following morning, January 12, 1994, they flew over Mt. Pinatubo and viewed the lahar-covered areas on board an ultralight plane. That afternoon, they were driven from their hotel to the Philippine Rabbit Bus terminal in Dau, Pampanga, where they were supposed to take a ride to Baguio City. While waiting for their bus, they went to a Shakeys Pizza Parlor near the terminal. They took the table near the comfort room.

The “Hokage” moves

Bryan and Giovan, who are brothers-in-law, were seated at the next to the ladies’ table. With them was their driver, Rizal. Bryan recognized the two American girls from the Angeles Flying Club, where Gina and Helen rented the ultralight plane.

When Gina went to the comfort room, Bryan and Giovan approached Helen and introduced themselves.

They invited Helen to join them at their table, but she declined.

While Brian and Giovan were still talking to Helen, Gina returned. She presumed that Helen knew them, so she started to talk with the boys. Gina told them they came to the country to see the sights and that they wanted to experience Filipino hospitality.

Since they could hardly hear each other above the din of the TV, the girls agreed to join them at their table. The girls confide with the boys about their plan to go to Baguio City and Banaue.

Bryan and Giovan offered the girls a ride to Baguio City. Gina and Helen talked the matter between themselves. Eventually they accepted the offer thinking that they could save some money. Besides, they thought the boys looked nice and trustworthy.

They left Shakeys at 7:30 in the evening and boarded a white 1991 four-door Mitsubishi sedan. Rizal took the wheel, while Bryan sat at the front passenger seat. Helen, Gina and Giovan stayed on the back seat, in that order. Before proceeding to Baguio, they stopped at a residential area where Bryan delivered some papers and picked up some jackets.

On their way to Baguio, they talked about school. The girls told them about their boyfriends, while Bryan talked about his Italian ex-girlfriend. Rizal and Giovan did not join in the conversation at all. Bryan asked Gina whether she has taken drugs, but Gina replied that she only drinks alcohol occasionally.

The Baguio Escapades

The group arrived in Baguio City at 10:45 in the evening. They proceeded to the house of Bryans uncle, but shortly afterwards, they left to look for another place to stay. They went to the Terraces Hotel but found the rates too expensive. Then, they checked at Baden Powell. The girls found the dormitory style accommodations to their liking and were about to unload their things, when Bryan suggested the Benguet Pines Tourist Inn, which he said he had already tried and had found to be a very fine hotel.

They checked in at the Benguet Pines Tourist Inn at 11:00 in the evening. They got two rooms on opposite sides of the corridor on the second floor. After a while, Bryan and Giovan asked the girls out for some drinks and dancing at the Songs Jazz Bar along Session Road.

While at the Songs Jazz Bar, Helen drank a margarita, tequila and blowjob with plenty of water. Gina drank Singaporean sling, blowjob and half a glass of Giovans mai tai. Bryan drank just one shot of tequila while Giovan drank half a glass of mai tai. They also had appetizers.

Gina and Helen did not feel intoxicated. They just felt warm.

They ordered chicken wings and kropeck chips.

After the group left Songs Jazz Bar

As they were driving back to their hotel, Giovan, who was driving, said that he was thirsty and wanted to buy cola drinks. Gina agreed to have one. But Helen declined since she had drank plenty of water already at the Songs Jazz Bar. Giovan then drove to a convenience store because it was open at odd hours. Giovan and Bryan alighted and returned after some ten minutes with Giovan carrying three plastic cups of Sprite or Seven-Up and Bryan, two cups and a plastic bag containing Chinese food with small lemons to be squeezed on it. Bryan gave Helen and Gina a cup each. Since she thought it impolite not to drink what was given her, Helen removed the cover of her cup and sipped from it as there was no straw, although the cup cover had a hole into which a straw is to be inserted. On the other hand, Gina did not at first remove the lid of her cup; she just sucked from the hole intended for the straw. But later on she took off the cover and drunk from the cup.

Cola Drink

Meanwhile, as they were drinking their cola drinks, Giovan drove the group to Camp John Hay where he told the guards at the gate that they were just going to check on the Clubs billeting rates. They parked in front of the billeting office. Gina was then about to finish her cola drink when she felt something gritty in it which stuck into her teeth; they were like small particles. She spat them back into the cup and dumped out the remaining contents of the cup outside the car and thereafter gave the cup to Giovan who threw it into a trash can. Gina commented out loud about the gritty substance in her drink and related that in China they often found strange things in their food. There was no word from the boys. Helen finished her drink and then handed the empty cup to Giovan who likewise threw it into a trash can.

After leaving Club John Hay, the group returned to their hotel.

Back to the hotel

Giovan, Gina, Bryan and Helen, in that order entered. Helen no longer noticed where Rizal was. Giovan directly proceeded upstairs and stopped on the stair just above the first landing while Gina followed him and stopped on the first landing. Helen got the keys to their room while Bryan was behind her talking to the desk clerk. Helen tossed the key of the boy’s room to Gina who was about seven to ten feet away and the latter, in turn, gave it to Giovan. Helen also flipped their key to Gina who caught it with one hand. Helen waited for Bryan and they went upstairs together.

Gina was trying to open her and Helens room with difficulty and so the latter got the key from her and opened the door. Both entered the room briefly and when Helen was still by the doorway, Gina went out and walked towards the boy’s room. Gina had no recollection why she did so; all she could recall was that she was standing inside the boy’s room.

On the other hand, Helen remembered that one of the boys asked if she had playing cards but he seemed preoccupied with something else, so she did not make any move to get the playing cards from her bag. Since she was very tired she entered their (girls) room, took off her contact lenses in the comfort room, put them in her contacts case and went to bed. Thereupon, she lost her memory.

Time to devour the prey

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Sometime later, she felt the sensation of wanting to vomit and ran to the comfort room in panic that she might not get there on time. However, she did not know if she vomited. She lost her sense of time and did not know if she ever went back to bed. She had never felt that way before.

She again regained partial consciousness when she felt being wet on her face and upper chest as though somebody was touching her with the mouth. She could not tell if her eyes were open but, in any event, she could not see anyone or anything; she only felt that her personal space was being violated. She curled up like a baby in the womb and kept on saying, no, until whoever was with her in the room went away. Then, she lapsed into unconsciousness.

At this time in the boy’s room, Gina noticed that one of the boys pushed the two beds in the room together. She walked up to one of the beds and lay down on her belly. Giovan lay alongside her and forcefully kissed her. She could not call to mind what else happened as she believed she was drugged. She could only remember that Giovan was trying to take off her pants while she was trying to prevent him by holding on to its elastic waist line. Giovan was all along kissing her with his tongue in her mouth, lying on top of her and touching her breasts. He inserted his fingers into her vagina but at this precise moment someone knocked on the door. So, Giovan got up and it was then that Gina realized that he was completely naked and so was she. He handed the blanket on the bed to her and she covered her body with it. She saw lights coming from the hallway and heard Giovan say, I think she is asleep. She could not recall removing them again. When that someone laid on top of her, she found out that it was Bryan. He placed himself between her legs.

She could not recollect if they kissed but she felt his erect penis against her vaginal opening. She told him that she did not want to have sex; that she was still a virgin.

He asked why she was still a virgin and she replied that she wanted to wait for a husband. More words were in her mind but she could not speak them out. Bryan told her that he won’t put it in. But Gina felt pain in her vagina because his penis was going into it.

The thought occurred to Gina that if she did not do anything, she knew what was going to happen. It dawned on her that if she stimulated him in some other way, he might not penetrate her further. So, she slid down and did a fellatio or oral sex on him.

She could not explain her feelings then; to her it was like a nightmare; it was as if she was observing what was going on and it wasn’t really her; she felt like her head was detached from her body. She did the oral sex for only several seconds because it was as if someone went into the room. Then, she became unconscious.

The After-Effect

She woke up at 3:00 in the afternoon feeling groggy and confused. She was shocked to realize what time it was, since she normally sleeps only seven and a half to eight hours a day. She also felt tired. She could not remember how she was able to get back to their room.

She also felt that her hair, pillow and underwear were wet. She remembered that check-out time at the hotel was at 12:00 noon.

She opened her purse to get money to pay for the room, but found that her US$290.00, P2,000.00, 300 ¥uan and US$200.00 travellers check were all missing. Only her US $100.00 travellers check was left. She tried to wake Helen up but the latter only rolled over.

She got up and went out of the room, but she had difficulty balancing herself.

She walked to the boy’s room but found that the door was already open and the beddings had been changed.

She ran downstairs and met Hilda, a hotel desk girl, who asked her if she was alright. Gina cried and told her that she had been robbed. Hilda said she will call the police. Gina returned to their room to wake up Helen but the latter still did not wake up.

After sometime, Gina again went downstairs and was introduced to five or six members of the Criminal Investigation Service (CIS). She told them that she was robbed and sexually molested and narrated to them what had happened. Two CIS agents drove Gina to look for the house of Bryan’s uncle but Gina could not find it.

The hotel owner, Mrs. Delos Santos, asked two hotel guests, Mariano Robles, Jr. and Rizza Lao, for assistance in helping Gina. Together, they went upstairs and found Helen still asleep.

She was wearing black tights and a green sweat suit.

A bra lay on the table.

Mrs. Delos Santos tried to wake her up.

It took a while before Helen opened her eyes and gazed around her. Mrs. Delos Santos introduced Mariano and Rizza. Helen said nothing. Rizza propped her up with a pillow on her back. Helen appeared sleepy, helpless and unable to move. When Rizza asked her what happened, she just cried. They thought she was drunk but her breath does not smell alcohol.

Someone brought in a bowl of soup and Rizza let Helen sip from it a little at a time. She tried to eat it with a spoon but her hands trembled and she could not put the spoon properly into her mouth. It took her about 30 minutes to finish the soup.

Mariano and Rizza decided to take Helen for a walk to let her blood circulate. Rizza helped her into her sandals and pulled her to the side of the bed. Helen tried to stand up but she fell back. Mariano held her on both arms and pulled her up. He stood on Helens right side, held her right arm with his right hand and placed his left arm around her waist. Rizza held Helens left arm. Mariano and Rizza tried to move forward but Helen could not take a single step. Mariano dragged her forward and she made shaky steps.

On the stairway, Mariano had to remind Helen that they were going downstairs. He guided her every step until they reached the hotel lobby. From the hotel, they walked around Burnham Park for about fifty (50) minutes to an hour. Every time they came upon a stairway, Mariano had to instruct Helen how to go down step by step. Whenever Helen got tired, they sat on a bench. They did this four (4) or five (5) times. Mariano had to support Helens back every time they sat down on the park benches to prevent her from falling over.

When they returned to the hotel, they saw Gina.

Mariano and Rizza invited the two American guests to have dinner with them.

Gina declined.

Mariano and Rizza brought Helen to the Barrio Fiesta Restaurant along Session Road. Again, they had to assist Helen in getting out of Mariano’s car. At the restaurant, Helen hardly ate.


From the Songs Jazz Bar the group went to Kowloon Restaurant because Bryan was hungry and wanted to eat siomai and chicken pao with Sprite. Gina and Helen also wanted Sprite while Giovan and Rizal, grape juice and root beer, respectively. Giovan and Rizal went down to buy all these.

They made their orders through a small window because the main entrance to the restaurant was already closed. They returned with Rizal holding three plastic cups of Sprite with ice in them and Giovan, root beer and grape juice and two plastic bags containing siomai and chicken pao.

Giovan drove them to Camp John Hay because one of the girls wanted to see the place. That was already past 2:00 oclock in the morning of January 13.

They pulled over the premises of the billeting area because Giovan told the guards at the gate that they would just check on the billeting rates. Giovan went to the billeting office where he stayed for about ten minutes.

In the meantime, those left in the car finished their drinks and Bryan collected the cups and threw them into a trash can at the farther left side of where they parked. They were at Camp John Hay for less than 15 minutes. Then, they left for the Benguet Pines Tourist Inn at about 2:00 oclock in the morning of January 13.

Back to the hotel

Bryan, Helen, Gina and Rizal got off the car ahead as Giovan went to park it.

Giovan got the key to their room from the cars glove compartment and picked up the key to the girls room from the backseat of the car because he saw it lying there. He averred that they did not leave their hotel keys at the front desk when they left for the Songs Jazz Bar since there was no one there at the time. After giving the girls’ key to them at the hallway where they were talking with Bryan, he went to their room followed by Rizal and then Gina.

On the other hand, Bryan went with Helen to the girl’s room where he borrowed Helens playing cards.

After Bryan had entered the boys room, they joined together the two beds inside and sat on them. They taught Gina how to play Russian poker or what is commonly called pusoy for more than thirty minutes. But Gina never learned the game and so they switched to blackjack. Then, Gina said that she was hungry.

Giovan offered to go out and buy what Gina wanted, to which the latter replied that any food will do. Giovan left with Rizal. That was already past 4:00 oclock in the morning of January 13.


After Giovan had closed the door, she and Bryan continued playing blackjack. After some ten minutes, Gina put down the playing cards and said that she just wanted to talk with Bryan. She lay down on her left side facing Bryan with her left hand supporting her head. Bryan moved up on the bed until his face was on the same level as Gina’s.

Their heads were more than a foot but less than two feet away from each other.

While they were talking Gina was stroking Bryans head, maybe six times. Bryan just kept silent as he did not know what to do. On the other hand, Gina was smiling at him. He then smacked her on the lips. She kissed him back and they started kissing each other. Gina inquired if he had sex before and he replied, yes, although it was not true because he was afraid that Gina might laugh at him if he told the truth that he has no experience in lovemaking. Bryan shot back a similar question to her and she answered that she has not had sex yet and is still a virgin as she wanted to preserve her virginity for her future husband. At this point they again kissed each other.

Gina asked if Bryan had a condom and the latter said, none. She remarked that she was worried about AIDS and he told her that he is not afflicted with the disease. Thereupon, Gina said that if they are to do it, he should not tell it to anyone to which he commented that he is not the kiss-and-tell type. She then undressed and he did the same.

They went back to bed and resumed kissing each other.


Gina went on top of Bryan and then she slid down and kissed the area around his organ and later did fellatio on him. After he had climaxed, Gina moved up and wanted to kiss him but he did not react.

She then asked him to enter her and he replied, yes, and touched her breasts.

However, he was turned off when, upon feeling her genitals, his hand was smeared with transparent liquid with something like brown or dark brown or red substance in it which smelled awful. He concluded that it was menstrual fluid because earlier when they were playing cards something fell from Ginas jogging pants which he picked up. When he handed it to her, she commented that it was tampon used for menstruation. He told her that he could not do the act anymore to which she replied, never mind.

They then put back their clothes on.

Bryan went to the comfort room where he washed his smeared hand. When he came out, he saw Gina lying in bed with her eyes closed. He switched off the lights and laid beside her but he could not sleep. He later on got up and went down to see if Giovan and Rizal had already arrived. However, the security guard told him that the two had not yet gone back.

He returned to their room and, again, lay down beside Gina. This time he fell asleep. The sun was already somewhat up. He went to the porch to see if their car was already there and he saw it there. He went down to the car and found both Giovan and Rizal sleeping inside the car; Rizal on the drivers seat with Giovan beside him.


Giovan claimed that he and Rizal bought food for Gina at the Kowloon Restaurant. When Giovan returned to the room, however, he found Bryan and Gina sleeping. So he just ate the food that they bought. He slept in the car with Rizal until Bryan woke them up.

Bryan related to Giovan what had transpired between him and Gina. Giovan teased Bryan that he might get AIDS.

Bryan ordered breakfast, then he and Giovan went upstairs to their room. Gina was still there. They asked her if she would like some breakfast, but she said no.

Bryan and Giovan then got their things and went downstairs. Bryan finished his breakfast. He then told Giovan that they should wait for the girls to wake up before leaving Baguio. They went first to the driving range at Camp John Hay, but it was full, so they just went back to the hotel. It was 8:00 in the morning. Bryan wrote his phone number on a piece of paper to give to the girls, since he had promised to show them around Manila. They went upstairs to the girls’ room and found Gina there. Both girls were still sleeping. Bryan roused Gina and asked her if it was alright for them to leave. Gina said, “Yes”. Before leaving, Brian left the paper with his phone number.


Claiming that she was raped, Gina filed a complaint against Bryan and Giovan. They were consequently charged with Rape and Acts of Lasciviousness.

During the trial, the prosecution presented Dr. Francisco Hernandez, a neuro-surgeon, as expert witness to corroborate Ginas testimony that she was drugged.

The defense presented two expert witnesses to counter Dr. Hernandez’s opinion. Dr. Rey San Pedro, a psychiatrist, opined that Gina and Helen could not have been drugged because they have not been medically examined for the presence of drugs in their system.

The second expert witness, Dr. Pedro Solis, explained that the rather long sleep experienced by Gina and Helen was due to fatigue brought about by their activities the previous day, their alcohol intake, their youth and the cool ambience of Baguio City.


When the case reached the Supreme Court, it ruled that Gina and Helen were, indeed, drugged.

The proven reaction of Gina and Helen to the cola drinks given them by the accused unmistakably indicates that they were indeed drugged. Dr. Francisco Hernandez, the prosecution expert witness, opined that the sedative-hypnotic drug known as Ativan could probably be the one used. As explained by him, Ativan is a dose-related drug. A dosage of from 0.5 milligram to 4 milligrams could produce in a person of average built or with a weight of 130 pounds anxiolytic effect, visual hallucination, amnesia, confusion, disorientation, gait unsteadiness and sedation. At a 4-milligram dosage, the imbiber would experience sedation and excessive sleepiness. The onset of the action of the drug is within 15 to 45 minutes from the time it is ingested; it peaks after 2 hours; and the action will last for 6 to 8 hours.

The effects of Ativan manifested themselves in Gina and Helen but they were more profound in Helen because she drank all the cola drink spiked with drug and she is slimmer than the 165-pound Gina who did not finish her cola drink because when she felt something gritty that stuck into her teeth, she spat back into her cup the cola in her mouth and dumped out the rest of her drink.

Gina experienced patchy amnesia, i.e., she could remember some of the events happening to her and in front of her but forget the others, like her inability to recall that she went back to their room and even bathed. She also had disorientation and confusion because she did not know why she went to the boy’s room and why she was naked. Disorientation and confusion, in turn, produce hypnotic effect, making the one drugged easily suggestible and easily manipulated. Gina likewise had visual hallucination since she had the sensation that it was as if her head was detached from her body. She could resist but she had no means of resisting because Ativan is a muscle relaxant and all her muscles were flaccid or lax.